Make A Statement

Communicate with members, meet compliance and save with custom credit union eStatements and eNotices

What drives your decision in choosing a statement provider? Is it cost? Dependability? Speed of delivery? If you could have more control over your marketing, deliver your statements and notices faster, and on top of it all, save money, wouldn’t you want to make a change?

Statements and notices are a necessity for credit unions. Since the advent of eDocuments, there’s been a drive to move members over to save on paper, envelopes and postage, but what hasn’t changed is the cost to generate the documents. Print vendors charge a considerable amount to reformat, print and host electronically—so that’s why our solution makes so much sense.

We looked at the situation from a credit union’s perspective and developed Make A Statement, which doesn’t limit your savings to paper, envelopes and postage; it allows you to save on documents too.

Make A Statement creates portable print and electronic documents delivered electronically and integrated behind Internet banking. By providing your documents already reformatted to your print vendor specifications or one of IMSI’s partners, you can expect to save significantly.

But we didn’t stop there. Make A Statement automatically consolidates multiple notices of the same type into a single notice to reduce mailing costs. It also identifies opportunities to consolidate multiple notices of different types in an easy to read format to further reduce costs.

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