Infuzion – NEW!!

Infuzion is an extremely powerful tool developed to streamline complex functions without the need to develop scripts or understand or build Java. Infuzion abides by user privileges and API business logic rules. As the leading developers on KeyStone, we created and use this tool frequently to streamline our operations. If your credit union plans to fully harness the power of KeyStone, this tool is a must! Below are some of the highlights:

To Renew is to Act. Mass tables are updated quickly without the need to develop a batch script.

Convert Smoothly. Insert, Update, and Delete SQL Queries to Keybridge thereby abiding by user privileges and API business logic rules.

Rapid Run. Quickly build delimited file output through a SQL query.

Boundaries are Limitless. Allows delimited file input in Batch format without the need to understand or build Java.

Bring it Back Home. Come full circle with Rollback capability.

Flexibility is Everything. Apply updates consistently using easy to modify scripts. Your Time is Yours. Seamless scheduling through Opcon.

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One of the small but very meaningful things I was able to do was insert a paid loan opportunity on all loans paid off the day before and then push out the next work time for 15 days. This enables us to make sure we don’t miss releasing collateral on loans.

Northwest Preferred Federal Credit Union

Infuzion has been a real boon to us. It has enabled us to react quickly and comprehensively when issues have been discovered. In the recent events involving COVID-19, we have been able to flag and track accounts for a variety of purposes to aid our members through this challenging time.

People First Federal Credit Union