Skip A Pay

Forgo the hassle with Skip A Pay

Skip A Pay Batch Eligibility Evaluation Process

It is a fully integrated application with core system.  The solution evaluates loans based on Credit Union custom criteria and adds notes to eligible loans and non-eligible loans to indicate whether the evaluated loans are eligible for Skip A Pay. This process may also create a record in a custom table under the loan record which will display to an employee which criteria made a loan non-eligible. Alternatively, this information can be contained in the non-eligible note explanation.  Evaluation parameters:

  1. Notes
  2. Loans
  3. Payment history/profile (CBR)
  4. Share and loan charge offs
  5. Bankruptcy date
  6.  History on Skip A Pay (restrict based on CU requirements)

Skip A Pay Online Banking/Web integration and Staff interface 

The solution provides member and staff the capability to perform self-service Skip A Pay fully integrated with the core system.  Public site channel requires authentication using last 4 SSN, account number and birth date (Web design fee may apply for first time web clients).  Online Banking authentication requires Online banking integration (included). Allows the member to choose from eligible loans (loans with the eligible note type), choose fee funding source (either transfer from account with available funds or fund via EFT (included)) and then funds will be transferred to GL at CU from share (or arrive via EFT) and loan extension record will be created and payment due date will be adjusted. UI Script  for staff access.

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