How To Boost Engagement With Credit Union Membership

Written by Devon Wilson

March 22, 2019

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Among financial institutions, credit unions stand to lose the most when they start to lose sight of who they serve. It is crucial to a credit union’s survival to be extremely focused on your niche and to personalize your solutions to your members. One of the most basic and essential components in this process is connecting with your membership.

Connecting involves more than just sending updates or announcements to your membership. It is never a one-way form of communication. Connecting is all about being relevant across multiple levels. It begins with the aggregate credit union brand before moving on to the products and services being offered, before ending with the individual customer. When you successfully create continuity between these levels, you are guaranteed to have clients that are fiercely loyal to you. When members connect with your credit union, they then happily and freely spread the word and bring their friends and family to you.

Here are three steps you can take to boost engagement and better connect with your membership:

Leverage Social Media For Online Engagement

 Many credit unions are only dipping their toes in social media marketing, for now. While they may want to use social media to engage with membership, more often than not they are unsure of how to do it effectively. Whether it’s due to a lack of knowledgeable staff or a hesitation to communicate with customers online, this reluctance can stall your credit union’s success on social media.

When developing content for your page, try to add a personal touch. Post photos of credit union employees, stories about your members, and share inspirational or humorous posts as well. Don’t underestimate the impact of personal narratives!

On the other end of the scale, it is important to steer clear from coming across as trying too hard. People on social media are incredibly attuned to brands being insincere. Instead, you should focus on being more genuine. Don’t focus too much on selling your products and services.

Utilize Video

Did you know that in the next few years, more than 80% of all digital content consumed online will be in video form? Your credit union needs to take advantage of the digital landscape by peppering your website, member interactions and content with videos. Consider developing videos on your credit union’s team, member testimonials and the solutions you provide for your members.

Creating video content can take a lot of time and resources. Planning and prioritization is crucial.

Create A Blog

If your credit union already sends regular newsletters to members, think of your blog as an online equivalent that is updated and shared more frequently. A credit union’s ability to maintain constant communication is an influential factor for many members. A blog is also a great way to be more visible on search engines.

Don’t think of your blog as a sales channel. Members will definitely ignore your blog if all you post are sales pitches and promotions. Develop articles that are informative, relevant and share community news.

Ultimately, creating a connection with members is what it is all about. With strategic use of social media, blogs and video, your credit union is set to enhance these connections and become even more relevant with membership.

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