How to Optimize the Member Experience

Written by Devon Wilson

December 30, 2019

Starting from the very beginning, credit union members should tap into an intuitive system that anticipates their needs and provides the solutions they want.

It is now vital to distinguish between demographics when marketing to credit union customers. As younger generations grow up with technological fluency and a more intimate relationship with businesses they trust, they want to be heard and seen.

It’s not impossible to reach out to both older and younger demographics. Older generations might prefer to conduct business in-person rather than digitally, but recent trends have shown that Generation Z may actually bear some similarities to baby boomers in that they actually prefer going to physical locations, but are versed in the omnichannel experience—where they retrieve and use information from various sources, such as the internet, a physical location in-person, and other service options.

Streamlining the member journey

This is possible by our integration with Corelation, which is highly compatible and user-friendly. Corelation is a tightly integrated system that can work with any bank or credit union software.

Some of our products (which can be integrated into Corelation) include:

  • Skip a Pay: Capabilities like skip a pay evaluate loan applications based on credit union criteria and assess eligibility.
  • Reward Checking: With Reward Checking by Corelation, credit union members can gain points based on the percentage of the transaction amount. Points then accumulate when statements are produced. Members can also redeem Points for Cash.
  • Online Courtesy Pay+: Integrated into our Keystone core system, OnlineCourtesyPay+ allows members and staff to complete the opt-in enrollment quickly. With our hosted solution, this option is easy to implement.

Read more about our Corelation solutions.

Need a custom solution?

Our custom solutions address your unique needs by using the Keybridge API, Jasper report, ExtJS, combined with batch scripting, which joins our Java SQL and KeyStone knowledge.

Not all credit union forms are developed equally—we get it. That’s why we offer the development of forms that can extrapolate data from your core database. When optimizing the customer experience, you’ll also be minimizing instances of menial employee tasks.

We’ve been creating custom solutions for our customers for years.

We can provide custom web development as well as capitalize on our existing technologies and vast knowledge of credit union business practices to address the challenges we haven’t seen before.

We know you need rapid turnaround and we’re skilled in providing you with the tools and solutions to achieve it.

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